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Industry Type:  Mining, Construction & Tool manufacturing MNC Company   
Problem: A Multinational Company having its facility in Pune manufacturing Mining equipment, Construction equipments and tools, Furnace products and heating systems, Hard & Super hard materials, Metal Cutting Tools,  and special steel belts for process industry was unable to comply to lighting standards set under Environmental, health & safety standards.                  Problem reported were related to inadequate Shop Floor Illumination.
Study Recommended: A detailed Illumination audit was recommended to the client to identify the problem area & for implementing solution. We carried out a detailed illumination audit of the facility lighting system. Existing Power consumption & achieved lux levels were recorded in all shops in daylight as well as night. The collected data was compared to set standards that needed to be complied.
Observation: The findings revealed that the basic problem was improper light distribution within the shop floor. This was caused due to the inconsistent failure of conventional Metal Halide lamps. Due to the ageing of the bulbs the shop floor had darks spots between the lights & there was no uniformity of light on the floor. The frequency of maintenance was very high in order to achieve lux levels & uniformity.
Solution Executed: The collected data was used to evaluate the various Lighting technologies available in the market. Dialux designs & reports of the shop floors were prepared considering LED, T5 & Magnetic Induction Lamps. Demonstrations were arranged for LED & Magnetic Induction Lamps for client evaluation. After analysis & understanding the technologies Magnetic Induction lamps were recommended & installed at site. A phase wise execution was done in 6months at site. The solution implemented was with a 5Yr replacement Guarantee.
Benefits to Client: In the last two years almost all the shop and street lighting were changed from Conventional lighting technology (Metal Halide and T5) to Magnetic Induction lamps. The Energy saving achieved was 46% electricity savings was achieved. 250W Metal Halide lamps were replaced with 150W. The 150W Metal Halide street lamp was replaced with 100 W magnetic lamps. Enhanced Lux levels at lower wattage were achieved. EHS Compliance too was achieved at reduced Energy cost & Maintenance cost.
Savings achieved: -    327624 kWh in shop floor lighting
96360 kWh in street lamps