Earthing Audit conducted at a leading FMCG Manufacturing unit

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Industry Type: Personal Care product manufacturing FMCG
Problem: A Personal Care bulk Plastic Shaving Razor Manufacturing unit with about 500 plastic injection molding machines located in ……. The company was facing frequent failure of electronic cards used installed in their moulding machines. Frequent downtime was causing losses in Production due to loss of machine hours & man hours to the tune of Rs……. The machine manufacturer was blaming Internal Power problems as reason for failure.
Study Recommended: Considering the problem faced by the client SAS Powertech recommended a Comprehensive Power Quality audit including Earthing Audit to identify the actual reason for failure of the cards.
Observation: The upstream distribution PQ parameters were studied for 24 hours. Last mile supply of each machine was studied for sufficient number of strokes. Earthing was checked as a whole and also for each machine. The complete activity took about 15 days of field work.
Problem Identified: The findings revealed that the basic problem lay with earthing as the earth pits were not traceable or had been deteriorated.  The other finding was that the client had selected UPS systems for critical machines wherein the capacity of batteries was very little and DG sets were being used for backup supply.
Solution Executed: The entire earthing system for the plant was redone using advanced chemical earthing systems. The Batteries of the UPS system were resized & replaced as the existing batteries were not sufficient to support the load during voltage glitches as well as power failures. All measures taken resulted in effective solution of the problems as it directly reduced the downtime caused.
Benefits to Client: The activity conducted & the solution implemented enhanced efficiency of the FMCG facility. The machine down time reduced as the Electronic card failure in the production machines stopped. The same setup started to produce more quantities as the power quality enhanced reducing machine failure. The change of batteries provided for longer UPS backup further reducing the downtime caused due to low battery backup.