Energy Audit conducted in an IT Company

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Industry Type: IT & ITES Company  
Problem: A leading IT company in Pune having 3facilities within the city wanted to understand the opportunities for Energy consumption within their established facilities. They had already implemented Passive measures like double wall construction for the building, Roof insulation, Heat resistant painting for enhancing energy efficiency of their facility. They wanted to validate the energy consumption for their 2 x 2500seat facility and 1 x 1200seat facility.
Study Recommended: A detailed HVAC inspection and comprehensive energy audit along with Electrical Power Quality audit was recommended to the client. The activity was conducted by experienced HVAC Experts & Electrical Experts.
Observation: The installed 200kVA UPS were in Parallel redundant configuration were found to be working in N+3 or N+4configuration. The UPS systems were underutilized & loaded at only 35% of their rated capacity. As a result overall efficiency of UPS was found to be 55% during day time and 45% during night. All lights were connected to UPS output and were consuming double power at UPS its input. Installed HVAC system was over sized & the capacity was found to be 3 times of the actual requirement.
Problem Identified: The findings revealed that the basic problem was with the over sizing of Capital equipments done in the planning stage of the facility. The detailing of the requirement was improperly done & Industry standards were not adhered while sizing the capacity of the UPS systems & HVAC system. To load the UPS systems adequately the lighting load was connected on it which caused further escalation of electrical cost.
Solution Executed: We offered them some no cost measures & suggested them to switch off certain UPS systems at all 3 locations. This helped them bring direct reduction in their Electrical consumption. We also recommended the client to replace all the UPS systems with fifth generation flat efficiency curve and having overall efficiency above 93%. Lights were shifted to raw power from UPS supply. Client was recommended to avoid purchasing new HVAC system for new sites & was asked to use excess HVAC capacity from these 3sites.
Benefits to Client: By switching of certain UPS systems the client saved of Rs.500000 per month at all three locations. The shifting of lighting load from UPS to raw power brought in saving s of 100kW per hour.
A)    The projected Energy expenditure of the client for next 5years was pegged @ Rs 40Crs, which will now reduce by Rs. 7Crs.
B)    If HVAC recommendations are implemented, client will release 2300Tr of VRV HVAC equipment from these sites for his new offices.