Energy Measurements of a Super Computer setup

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Problem: The Super computer setup in Pune University is registered as one of the fastest 500 Super computers in the world. They had participated in a global competition for Energy efficient Super Computer. Currently the setup is one amongst the 500The competition known as GREEN 500 was an American certification competition & was open for all sectors from all countries for participation. The energy measurement requirement was floated by American Universities via a 25 pages document.
Solution required: The establishment wanted us to study, understand this document, study their infrastructure and undertake submission of energy measurement for LEVEL 3 (Topmost) status.
Activity Conducted: We studied the document and power distribution in the super computer setup. Identified 6 measurement points, arranged 6 recording type power analyzers and collected data when Benchmark program was getting executed on super computer. Analyzed the recorded data and presented in required format. Due to the criticality of the activity all the Analyzers used were calibrated. The activity was conducted during 8 nights as the super computer use to be busy throughout the day catering to client jobs.
Benefits to Client: The execution was conducted trouble free & without affecting its functioning or taking downtime from the client. The complete data collection & compilation was done by us without taking any help from the questionnaire issuing authority. The reports submitted were accepted and the super computer setup was awarded rank in GREEN 500. It is now ranked 44th in the world on the Energy Efficiency index.
# Efforts taken by us was appreciated by International society as they were conducted independently   without any consultation required from the organizers.
# The US based society requested a VC to talk to us about how we went ahead with the whole assignment.