Harmonic mitigation in Pharmaceutical Industry

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Industry Type: Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Hinjewadi Pune
Problem: The manufacturing plant of a leading pharmaceutical company faced frequent downtime & high maintenance costs. The plant being a continuous process plant each downtime leads to loss of production. Frequent failure of motors, drives, & critical Measuring/ QC equipments was observed. Heating of power cables, transformers & heavy neutral currents were recorded by the installed Electrical Monitoring System by them. The utility company had issued notice to provide compliance to Harmonic level at PCC.
Study Recommended: A detailed Power Quality Analysis was recommended to the client to identify the problem area & for implementing solution. We carried out a detailed 24Hr data collection at Transformer level & a detailed downstream audit of the connected loads was conducted to monitor power quality at various load conditions.
Observations: The data collection activity was conducted for 3days & analysis of collected data provided the following inputs.
  • The average Current harmonic level observed was in the range of 8% upto 25% against recommended standards of below 5%.
  • The average Voltage harmonic distortion level was above 6% against recommended standards of below 2%.
  • The average power factor maintained was near unity and further improvement was not possible.
  • Higher Current was drawn from the Transformer for fixed kW resulting in kVA losses.

Parameters to be achieved:: In order to implement the proper solution we needed to achieve the following parameters by reducing Current and Voltage Harmonic distortion.
  • Achieve reduction of Current Harmonic distortion from current levels to reduce heat losses & increase reactive power compensation.
  • Reduce Voltage Harmonic Distortion & maintain it at a level less then 2%.
  • Achieve compliance to IEEE 519 (1992) Norms as demanded by the utility company
  • Reduce Current drawn from Transformer & release additional kVA for additional loads.
Solution provided: The source of all power pollution was loads & especially the non linear loads were creating a higher current distortion causing Voltage distortion that was affecting performance of Non linear loads too. The desired solution needed to be implemented near the loads which were the source of Harmonic generation. Considering the above parameters & in order to achieve the necessary results we recommended installation of Active Harmonic Filters for certain feeders. The Filters needed to have instantaneous correction speed & high in efficiency at a low cost. After analyzing offers of various companies the Active Harmonic Filters of an Indian Manufacturer were recommended.

Results achieved: The installation of Filters brought the following benefits to the client. Active Filters were installed & the readings were taken to see the results achieved.
Filter CapacityPoint of InstallationReduction in Amp AchievedCurrent Harmonic Mitigation Achieved
200Amp FilterIncomer Utility MCC (5F2)60Amp/ Phase20-25% to 5%
100Amp FilterSUB PCC 02 (1F2)40Amp/ Phase12-15% to 4%
60Amp FilterPanel PCC#0250Amp/ Phase10-12% to 5%
30Amp FilterQC Panel15Amp/ Phase12-13% to 5%

Apart from the above, reduction in downtime & reduced failure of critical equipments too has been registered by the client. This has also reduced Transformer losses & additional load can be now connected on the same transformer.

Currently the installation is successfully functional in Pune & can be visited with prior intimation.