Harmonics Mitigation Solution using Hybrid Technology

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Industry Type: Chemical Manufacturing Unit.
Problem: The Manufacturing plant of a Chemical Multinational Company in Roha got a Notice from MSEDCL for control of Harmonic percentage as per IEEE 519-1992. The utility company had recorded higher percentage of Current Harmonic Distortion at the PCC & threatened with disconnection of supply if compliance was not achieved in stipulated time duration.
Observation: The facility receives Electrical input through 22kV/433V, 2MVA transformer. 100kVAR fixed Capacitor Banks are used for Reactive Power Compensation. On a typical working day kWh consumption is around 2800 to 3000 units. The load is contributed of Motors and VFD’s.
Study Recommended: A detailed Power Quality audit for the facility was recommended. The data was to be collected at multiple points starting from the Transformer Secondary till MCC. A 24Hr data collection of power parameters was conducted at Transformer level.
Observation & Problem Identification: The current harmonics distortion was recorded at 30% with Capacitor bank ON, it was observed at 17% when Capacitor bank was OFF. The permissible limit for the facility was 15% only as per IEEE norms. Predominant Harmonics were 5th, 7th, 11th, 13th, & 19th. The Harmonic distortion was load generated & was getting amplified by the fixed reactive compensation from the Capacitors installed.
Parameters to be achieved:
  • To reduce Current Harmonics Distortion and enhance the quality of Power within the distribution.
  • Achieve Unity PF for all load conditions assuring them Incentive from the utility company.
  • Comply IEEE-519-1992 Standards as demanded by the utility company.

Solution provided: Considering the above parameters & in order to achieve the necessary results we recommended Hybrid Solution to meet all requirements. A de-tuned Filter with Thyristor fired Controller for pF Correction and mitigates 5th & 7th Harmonics. To mitigate the remaining Harmonic band, we suggested an Active Harmonic Filter Panel at PCC. This reduced the Capital Investment for Client.
  • 225kVAR De-tuned Filter with Thyristor Fired Controller.
  • 60A Active Harmonic Filter.
Results achieved: The 225kVAR Detuned Filter and 60A Active Filter was installed as per SLD provided and the readings were taken to see the results achieved.
  • 225kVAR Detuned Filter compensated required reactive Power without amplifying load generated harmonics. The Harmonics percentage was brought down to 17% from 30% maintaining Unity PF.
  • 60A Active Filter mitigates the remaining Harmonic band and to reduced iTHD to 6% from 17%.
  • Before Implementation (Fig 1), After Implementation (Fig, 2)

Benefit to the Client:
  • Solution Implemented in Lower CAPEX.
  • Compliance to IEEE-519 (1992) Standards as required by the Utility Company.
  • Enhance the Quality of Power, Capacitor Life.
  • Instantaneous and Step less Correction for p.F and Harmonics Mitigation.
  • Maintain Unity p.F at any given moment and load condition. Assured Incentive from the Utility Company.
  • Release of Power in kVA from the same utility transformer.
  • Enhanced Life of LT Cables, Switchgears and Transformer.