Energy Efficient Technolgy for Magnetic Induction Lamps

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This is a Energy efficient technology in lighting & uses Magnetism to generate light from the bulb instead of heat. The light provides higher illumination at lower wattage as well as the illumination depreciation ratio too is very low. With highest CRI these lamps provide clear visibility and provide shadowless light. They have the highest burning life of 80000 hours & do not have any replacable parts. With a larger light spread lesser number of luminaries are required to illuminate the given area.

  • Life of 10yrs plus @ 24x7 usage.
  • Absence of lifed components makes it a reliable technology.
  • Less lamps required for illumination.
  • No glare & high CRI make it stress free for eyes.
  • 70% light output achieved after 80K hrs.
  • Higher tolerance to voltage fluctuations makes it fail safe against Electrical conditions.
  • Cheaper then LED
Industry Sectors:
Engineering, Food, Phramaceutical, FMCG, Forging, Steel, Cement, Warehousing, Cold Storage, Airports, Shipping, Chemical, Process Industry, Defence organizations, IT