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What we do

Power Quality Analysis

Monitor the quality of Power circulated from source as well as within the facility & to identify the pollution in power if any. It also helps to understand the requisites to achieve compliance to set standards or IEEE standards. It also helps identify reasons for un explained failures in equipments or frequent down times. Identify problems if any and design solutions if required.

Harmonic Analysis

Monitor the percentage of Harmonic distortion in the Electrical supply. To check the effects of Harmonic distortion in current as well as voltage on the power in the distribution network as well as identify any kind of failures caused due to higher Harmonic distortion. Verify compliance to set as per IEEE standards or acceptance levels as per industry norms.

IR Thermography

Study all points of connection in a distribution network including breakers, busbars & Identify the points of heating in the electrical distribution system. To grade the type of heating and identify the reasons.

Illumination Audit

Study the illumination in a facility and compare it with set standards. Also understand the consumption of the lighting loads in the facility and identify ways to improve illumination or reduce operational cost of illumination.

Earthing Audit

Study the earthing system of a facility and check compliance to set standard or defined industry requirements. Study and inspect the current earthing system to check its functionability. Identify requirements to upgarde the system or make it fail safe as per future expansion plans.

Comprehensive Energy Audit

Study the consmuption of various energy forms used in an Industry like electricity, HVAC, Water, Steam, Compressed Air, Fossil Fuels. Define opportunities in Energy savings by conducting demand analysis. Identify direct and indirect savings as well as areas of improvement for enhancing plant uptime.

Load Flow Analysis

Study the load pattern of the facility and define the percentage of power consumed by loads connected. Derive the spare capacity available in the Electrical Infrastructure of the facility. Investigate reasons for electrical issues if any reported by the users.

HVAC Audit

Study the installed HVAC system and conduct actual demand analysis of the facility to define the exact HVAC capacity required. Identify areas of energy wastage as well as leakages and suggest measures to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumed for HVAC

Consultation in Capital Good Purchase

Discuss and define the capacity requirements for Capital goods required for a project. Understand the requirements of the process as well as user and calculate the exact requirement. Identify the most suitable technology as per sanctioned budgets as well as requirements to select the right product & technology.

Electrical Safety Audit

To study the Electrical infrastucture of a facility and certify its worthyness for the current requirements. Physically check the Electrical panel rooms for any hazard or improper storage of goods. Identify points of heating and insulation loss. Check breaker capacities in comparison to the currents recorded. Check earthing system currents against benchmarks.

Magnetic Induction Lamps

This is a Energy efficient technology in lighting & uses Magnetism to generate light from the bulb instead of heat. The light provides higher illumination at lower wattage as well as the illumination depreciation ratio too is very low. With highest CRI these lamps provide clear visibility and provide shadowless light. They have the highest burning life of 80000 hours & do not have any replacable parts. With a larger light spread lesser number of luminaries are required to illuminate the given area.

Hybrid Reactive Power Compensation

This is an advanced reactive power compensation cum Harmonic Mitigation solution designed for all industries to reduce power loss as well as to ensure maximum incentive benefit from utility company. This solution involves active as well as passive filters to ensure Harmonic mitigation as well as pF correction. The speed of correction achieved is within one cycle & is very cost effective.

Passive Filters

These are filters designed to mitigate harmonic distortion within the power supply. They are a combination of capacitors and reactors designed as per the predominant harmonic present in the supply as well as the Harmonic generating load. The Filter capacity and location of installation is derived after the Harmonic / Power Quality analysis.

Active Filters

Advanced IGBT based Harmonic Filter designed for Industries having high percentage of Non Linear loads / frequently switching loads. These filters are DSP controlled and provide immediate correction and are independent of load ratings.

Heat Pumps

Specially designed pumps which absorb atmospheric heat to generate hot water or hot air. This technology can help industries save considerable energy used for heating of air as well as water used for process or any other application.

Automated Condenser Tube Cleaning System

A patented full proof Condenser tube cleaning system used in water based cooling systems. This automated system ensures freedom from frequent tube cleaning activity. This technology is proven and has been installed for all known HVAC systems in India

Energy Efficient UPS systems

IGBT based Rectifier as well as Inverter technology is a known Energy Efficient UPS design. These systems can be the best replacement for older UPS systems in all Industry types.

Series Connected Line Conditioners

These are advanced Power conditioning devices used for instantaneous supply correction in LT supply. Being connected between the Transformer secondary and the Electrical panel/ Critical equipment these devices take care of any incoming voltage sag or fluction.

Designing of Energy Efficient Facility

Designing of Energy efficient facility for a given industry. This consultation involves detailed understanding of client requirements/ Process requirements against time for complete facility utilization. Detailed discussions and cross questioning on requirements defined by the user to optimize the energy usage. Suggesting of specifics that will help the facility achieve the targeted certification from concerned government authority. Helping the client to select the suitable energy efficient technology for the facility and to provide the necessary evaluation. Creating the necessary drawings and BOQ for the facility with mention of specific technology rather than products/ brands and provide the tender to competent vendors. Helping client in vendor evaluation and time line preparation for the project. Supervision and timely review of the project till completion.

Design Validation for upcoming Projects

To validate the designs provided for capital investments like Architecture, HVAC, Electricity, Water by respective consultants/ agencies for a defined project. To study the designs and cross verify with client requirements, set IS standards and existing industry norms to identify the areas of optimization. To have meetings with the designers in presence of end user to show them the optimization opportunities and ask the designers to make changes in the designs as well as capacities proposed. Review all aspects involved to ensure that right capacities are derived and cost reduction is achieved.

Root Cause Analysis of Failures

A very specialized service offered to identify the root cause behind failures caused in any capital equipments including Electrical and HVAC systems. The analysis involves study of the failure by Subject matter experts from concerned field to understand the actual reason for failure and to define the necessary solution. The study involves last mile study of the equipment/ utility and helps the user detect the actual reason for the recurring problem.

ISO 50001 Consultation & Implementation

As BVQI certified ISO 50001 Auditors we help implement this Energy Management system for every industry type. Being a continual energy efficiency enhancement standard the implementation requires enhancing energy efficiency of the facility on yearly basis. This requires setting up of targets for energy reduction on yearly basis and identification of Energy saving projects as well as implementation to achieve them. The standard demands revamp of SOP’s in purchases as well as maintenance to achieve the Energy efficiency.


Who we are

We at, SAS Powertech Pvt. Ltd. offer state-of-the-art, high-end Electrical Power Conditioning & Power Saving Solutions on a turnkey basis. Established in the year 2000, the Company has grown into a force to reckon with in the Power Solutions domain with consistent vertical as well as horizontal growth.

We are an independent Energy Management Company working to help achieve Energy Conservation and enhance reliability of a facility. We have experienced team of experts from Thermal/ Electrical/ HVAC/ Compressed Air & Water treatment available for study and designing of Energy Efficient solutions catering in all Industry sectors and facilities having a monthly energy expenditure of 3million plus.

With a team of 22 personnel we offer niche Engineering services for various processes and utilities to our clients in India and abroad. The solutions offered are implementable with a competitive pricing & attractive payback period. We are certified to implement ISO 50001 Energy Standard and help clients achieve compliance to various statutory and safety compliances required.

We Have:

- Conducted over 500+ Audits and implemented solutions at client sites.

- Designed as well as implemented Energy conservation solutions and have access to advanced technologies available globally and there specific applications.