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We are a independent Electrical & Energy service provider.

SAS Powertech Pvt. Ltd is an Independent Energy Management Company known for unbiased reporting and transparent sharing of findings. We at SASPPL are not associated with any product manufacturing company or associated to promote any brand or technology in the market.

We offer our services for Uptime enhancement, enhancing the Electrical Safety of a facility, doing checks and helping to achieve desired compliance for safety standards. We have clients in India, South East Asia & Middle East and are actively reaching new geographies to provide our services. With experience spanning 2 decades we have audited every industry vertical today and have client references to provide. Our Expert Auditors have an experience of over 35 years and the team is equipped with state-of-the-art, high-end testing and measuring equipment for data collection. Established in the year 1998, the Company has grown into a force to reckon with in the Power Solutions domain with consistent vertical as well as horizontal growth.

SASPPL provides services right from auditing, data analysis, and solution designing to actual ground-level implementation thereby providing its clients with a guarantee of results. The solutions we design are implementable & are offered at competitive pricing providing an attractive payback period. We are certified to conduct various Electrical System & Energy Audits and help our clients achieve compliance with various statutory and safety compliances required.

Power Optimization Services

We have great offerings for you

Electrical Services

  • Comprehensive Harmonic Analysis & Reactive Power Compensation Study
  • Comprehensive Power Quality Audit & Electrical Safety Audit
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Special Services

  • ETAP Based Arc Flash Analysis
  • ETAP Based Relay Coordination Study
  • ETAP Based Short Circuit Analysis
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Power Electronic services

  • Annual Maintenance Contracts for Online UPS systems
  • Preventive Maintenance Services for Online UPS systems & Stabilizers
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Energy services

  • Comprehensive Energy Audit Level -1 &2
  • Thermal/ HVAC System Efficiency Study
  • Compressed Air Leakage Detection Study
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Industry sectors we cover


Low Energy costs & higher facility uptime are the key parameters to maintain competitiveness for this Industry vertical. SASPPL helps these industries to reduce their operational energy costs as well as enhance the uptime & safety of their Electrical Systems. Implementing ISO 50001 helps these industries, in the long run, to stay competitive


The most competitive sector globally needs to monitor and enhance its Energy performance on monthly basis & needs to track its safety performance to ensure compliance with client requirements. SASPPL guides the industries from these sectors to achieve both through various Audit Services and provides Intelligent Electrical Documentation to achieve optimum compliance levels.


Downtime means loss of costly Energy as well as raw material and machine hours for this Industry vertical. SASPPL ensures higher Energy Efficiency of the Electrical & Mechanical Utilities through its Energy Audits and helps maintain uptime and working safety through Electrical Hazard Detection study for these Continuous Process Industries.


This people-centric sector has a lot of movement of visitors in its premises & their safety is the most significant aspect. SASPPL enhances the Electrical Safety of these facilities through Safety Audits and helps them achieve compliance with the various Safety Standards applicable through its Intelligent Electrical Documentation. SASPPL also provides solutions for redundancy for their critical loads.


With the presence of most utility types & very stringent Compliance requirements, this is a very competitive and critical Industry sector. SASPPL ensures better Energy Cost control through its Energy Audits & helps achieve Electrical Safety Compliance by providing comprehensive Intelligent Electrical documentation for their facilities.


These Energy-intensive industries also have their own Co generation to support their ever-increasing Energy Demand & to control the costs of their produce. By achieving Higher uptime, these industries can ensure that the processes continue without failure. SASPPL offers Special services for this sector through ETAP software like Reliability Study of Electrical system, Short Circuit & Relay Coordination study along with Electrical Safety studies and also provides Intelligent Electrical documentation required.


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