Electrical safety audit services

Presenting IntelliVolt

A new and Intelligent way of electrical distribution system documentation for your plants.

In today’s Industrial world, Green field and brown field projects involve complex electrical distribution systems. Industry 4.0, AI – ML are becoming buzzwords on shop floors. The O and M teams are now supporting Complex automation, unprecedented uptime targets and increasing sensitivity about electrical safety. In all this, the documentation of an electrical distribution system plays a crucial role as it saves crucial time during attending breakdowns.

A thoughtful way of creating such documentation and helping O and M plant teams is what we LIVE at Sas Powertech P Ltd – which has given birth to IntelliVolt – a completely new and innovative way of Electrical system documentation. IntelliVolt offers DIGITAL TWIN of plant electrical system and supports all levels of technical staff in an organization.

Volts, Kilowatts, KVArs, Amps, Power factor, capacity utilization of cables, transformers etc at all system buses will be at your fingertips and can be used readily as and when required. A detail treatment to relay setting for safety as well as time coordination is integral part of IntelliVolt

Features of IntelliVolt :

  • Helps in Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  • Troubleshooting and Fault Isolation
  • Safety Compliance
  • Helps in Asset Management
  • Helps in Emergency Response
  • Regulatory Compliance – meets all requirements of CEA 2023, NEC 2023, NBC 2016, NFPA 70E etc.
  • Eazy updating – also generates relay setting charts / TCC curves etc using actual onsite system components