Electrical Safety Audit Services

Electrical safety audit services

Electricity is now an essential part of our daily lives, and we realize how important it is when there is a brief power outage. With the rapid growth of industries and commercial space in recent years, we have seen an exponential increase in the number of electrical accidents. Accidents not only result in a loss of business, but also a loss of life, brand image, business continuity, and employee confidence in the workplace. It is past time to conduct an Electrical Safety Audit regularly to check the status of electrical systems.

The purpose of an electrical safety audit is to examine the safety and security of any industrial unit or organization’s electrical installations. It is a useful tool for identifying areas of risk, hazards, and potential accidents in plants, as well as deterioration of standards and determining actions to minimize hazards. An electrical safety audit is carried out by conducting an investigation, inspection, testing, and evaluation of any entity that is equipped with electrical equipment.

Electrical Safety Audits are conducted for Electrical Hazard Detection Services that are performed by experienced professionals who help clients reduce risk and ensure compliance with applicable Safety Standards and Regulations.

A safety assessment aims to maintain a safe workplace through hazard identification and removal, to ensure employees are following the most effective safety procedures, and to ensure the facility, equipment, and operations meet the required local, state, and federal, health, and safety requirements, as well as best industry business Furthermore, safety audits, ensure that the necessary administrative records supporting the required health, safety, and medical activities are kept.

Electrical safety audit services are carried out to meet these specific objectives:

  1. Maintain a safe workplace by identifying hazards and putting appropriate controls in place.
  2. Verify that employees are adhering to the safety measures outlined in the company’s safety program.
  3. Make sure the facility, equipment, and operations comply with industry best practices and safety requirements.
  4. Review the company’s record-keeping to determine if it is adequate.

Technical inspections and spot-checks are not as thorough as safety audits. Audits look beyond the activity on a typical workday to assess the company’s safety training and onboarding process.

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The best way to conduct a thorough audit of an area or department in the industry is through the checklist method. There are a variety of audit checklist formats, ranging from a few to hundreds of items, depending on the complexity of the audit. They each serve a different purpose.

The Electrical Safety Audit includes a review of documentation relevant to the audit’s scope, an on-site visit, and data collection, review, and analysis. This will necessitate the cross-checking and verification of information and data, which may include industry standards and peer data.


Developing a good strategy before carrying out the audit process is necessary to determine the scope of the audit and the targeted areas in the workplace.


The execution step entails inspecting the line with the specification. Any deviation from established safety procedures is noted, as are actual work conditions.

Report Generation:

The audit team consolidates a document that outlines the audit report, including any regulatory violations, deviations from industry best practices, and unsafe safety procedures. The report should include the list of corrective orders based on their priority, specify precisely what must be done to remedy the hazardous situation, determine who is in charge of taking corrective action.

Taking Action:

The audit team identifies corrective actions that should be taken based on their findings. This step should involve the company’s managers and supervisors, as they will be responsible for carrying out the corrective actions. Corrective actions are assigned a completion and review date to ensure that they are carried out.

Analysing The Results:

After all the assessment work is done, the audit team then analyses the results of the assessments, publishes them and shares them with the employees. If any defects are detected, preventive measures are taken accordingly.

Benefits of opting for Electrical Safety Audit Services:

  1. Conducting an ongoing review of systems to ensure that they are still being followed. By having deep insight over the ongoing review, enterprises can ensure that the safety measures are being obeyed.
  2. Safety audit services facilitate planned programmes, policies, and procedure improvement.
  3. The safety assessment recognizes flaws in human resource departments
  4. The safety audits programs help in showing management’s commitment to employee health and safety and also increase employee morale by making the workplace a safer place to work
  5. With the help of audits and assessments, recognizing electrical hazards is easier and it helps to reduce the risk of accidents such as fires caused by short-circuiting.
  6. Safety Audits and assessments aid in identifying potential risks or vulnerabilities in existing electrical systems and installations.
  7. With the proper analysis of the results, the risk of premature failures is effectively reduced. Unexpected outages can be reduced, ensuring continuous power supply to end-users.
  8. Electrical safety audit services assist with electrical risk management
  9. Safety audits ensure the regulation and statutory requirements are being followed.

SAS Powertech’s Electrical Safety Audit Services ensures that organizations adhere to safe electrical installation, use standard operating procedures of electrically intensive equipment, and adhere to Electrical Safety Standards, and as a true Auditing Firm, offers Value Auditing Services in Safety Auditing by ensuring and recommending Safety Measures. SAS Powertech Auditing Services are designed to meet Global Standards, providing credibility in the adoption of Energy Saving Measures. To accomplish this goal, professionally trained auditors are assigned to identify “Opportunities and Measures for Improvements” in Electrical Safety Auditing.

Safety audits are designed to ensure that effective program elements for identifying, eliminating, or controlling hazards that could negatively impact a company’s physical and human assets are in place. By utilizing this type of audit properly, companies can reduce injury and illness rates, lower workers’ compensation costs, empower their employees by involving them in activities that impact their safety and health, increase job satisfaction, and become more competitive.

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