Arc Flash Analysis Services

Arc Flash Analysis services In india

When a short circuit occurs in an electrical network between two live conductors, whether by direct or indirect contact, it causes a massive fault in the network. This fault will cause an electric arc, which will result in a flash, which is commonly referred to as an electric arc flash in the industry. Arc flash hazard analysis or arc flash risk assessment is the process of identifying the fault, analyzing the risk, and mitigating the hazards of arc flash in an electrical network. The Arc Flash Risk Assessment or arc flash analysis service is to protect employees from electric arc flash hazards in the industrial premises.

When an electrical discharge arcs from one piece of equipment to the ground or another piece of equipment through the air, it can cause serious injury or death. Temperatures in excess of 35,000 degrees Celsius can result in severe burns. The risk increases if workers get to work with highly energized equipment.

OSHA, NEC, IEEE-1584, and NFPA-70E guidelines must be strictly followed when conducting an arc flash study. To reduce accidents in their facilities, all industries will conduct arc flash risk assessments in order to implement proper safety methodologies prior to any loss or risk.

An arc flash hazard analysis is performed by a trained safety expert in order to determine whether an arc flash will happen or how much energy will be released. Companies can use this data to effectively train employees on the hazards associated with their job responsibilities and to identify the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required to keep workers safe in the event of an arc flash incident. Employers in the electric power generation, transmission, distribution, and related fields were required to complete an arc flash risk assessment as part of OSHA’s final rule for 29 CFR 1910.269 in 2014. This work is also required by NFPA 70E.

The following assessments are included in the Arc Flash Analysis service:

  1. Data collection on electrical distribution systems
  2. Compiling complex calculation results
  3. An accurate impedance diagram of the system
  4. Short-circuit investigation
  5. Coordinate working of protective devices
  1. Estimation of incident energy
  2. Arc flash mitigation solution recommendations & budget
  3. New one-line diagram
  4. Personalized equipment labels
  5. Employee education

The Necessity Of Arc Flash Analysis

AF studies are critical for reducing risks and increasing safety for craft, electrical workers, contractors, vendors, and a company’s overall safety culture. Arc flash analysis (AFA) is required to assist in identifying electrical risk levels and in implementing appropriate safety practices in order to reduce the risk of burns and injuries to employees, contractors, and vendors. An AFA is critical for the electrical industry and its employees.

Arc flash assessments are carried out by experienced Arc flash assessment technicians and engineers. Industries use this process when they want to lower the hazards in the workplace and ensure increased safety for the executives, electric workers, vendors, contractors, and the overall culture of the company. It is necessary to conduct an arc flash analysis (AFA) so that electrical risk levels can be identified and appropriate safety practices can be implemented to reduce the risk of burns and injuries to vendors, contractors, and employees.

All utilities, manufacturing, industrial, commercial, and any other facility with major electrical components such as electrical disconnects, motor control centers, electrical transformers, panel boards, switchboards, industrial control panels, meter socket enclosures, and so on must have an AFA. OSHA standard, NFPA standard, IEEE 1584 standard, and NESC standard all require an Arc Flash Analysis.

IEEE 1584 has been revised with different calculation methods since its inception in 2002, requiring previous AF calculations to be updated to the latest standards. IEEE 1584-2018 revisions include different electrode configurations, enclosure sizes, arc current variation adjustments, including updated voltage ranges, changes to IELs (cal/cm2), and so on.

AFA mandates OSHA because AFE units are prone to workplace safety hazards. Failure to comply with OSHA for the protection of the employees (including proper employee training) can result in fatal accidents, severe injuries, huge medical claims, lawsuits, OSHA infringements, and financial penalties, damage to critical devices and facilities, productivity losses, and corporation breakdowns.

Fortunately, our arc flash hazard service and study of a planned electrical system can identify unnecessary hazards for engineers and contractors during the design and prior to construction, as well as recommend specific maintenance procedures to reduce risks. Another benefit of an engineered arc flash study is a short circuit and coordination study, as well as updated electrical documentation for the facility, including one-line diagrams and locations of electrical equipment. As a result, workers who will operate and maintain equipment after installation will be in a safer environment.

Benefits of employing Arc Flash Analysis Services

Any successful business relies on electricity. Too much electricity, on the other hand, can cause machines to overheat, potentially resulting in fires and significant loss. Arc flash studies and arc flash analysis services aid in determining the level of risk in the workplace. They are comprehensive assessments of the electrical system. These arc flash analysis services have a plethora of advantages that will keep your machinery and your business running smoothly.

Arc Flash Analysis Maintain Your Compliance

You may be required to follow a variety of internal, local, national, and international standards depending on your industry. This includes the overall condition of your electrical system. There could be problems that you aren’t aware of. An arc flash study will identify any issues that may be causing you to be out of compliance and will advise you on what changes you need to make. This allows you to comply with the most recent regulations.

Arc Flash Assessments Ensures The Safety Of Workforce

The company’s growth and success depend heavily on the employee’s health. The loss of one employee can devastate your company. When one person is injured, your business will suffer as well. Injuries can occur from a variety of sources, including electrical shock. One of the primary goals of an arc flash investigation is to eliminate the possibility of electrical shock injuries. While it may not be possible to completely eliminate this risk, an arc flash study will help you greatly reduce the possibility of an employee suffering a serious injury or even death.

Arc Flash Analysis Services Keep Your Company Safe

It is not just your employees who are at risk with faulty electrical equipment. Your company may suffer as well. Faulty equipment can result in an electrical shock, which can ignite a fire. If this occurs, everything inside your business, including the structure itself, is at risk of being damaged. Any damage caused by a fire results in financial loss because you will need to replace what is lost and repair anything that needs to be repaired.

Electrical Arc Flash Study Services Aids In Determining Maintenance Requirements

Every electrical area is examined during an arc flash study. As a result, it can identify any maintenance that is required. It detects flaws such as poor connections, neglected equipment that is no longer in use but has not been removed, or contamination (which can be anything from dust to animal debris). This allows you to respond by repairing them, lowering your risk of loss significantly.

Arc Flash Analysis Can Be Performed On-Site

You are undoubtedly a busy business owner. Your time is valuable, and having too many things to worry about can cause a lot of stress. The person in charge of the arc flash study approaches you. Your entire system will be scrutinized. You have access to the results. You never have to be concerned about abandoning your post.

Arc Flash Assessments Can Be Easily Customized

Your electrical system is as one-of-a-kind as you are. It is developed to function your business in accordance with your specific requirements. It will not be the same as other electrical systems. As a result, your arc flash study can be tailored to your specific requirements while keeping your best interests in mind.

It is critical to ensure the safety of your employees and your business, as well as to stay up to date on current regulations. SAS Powertech can conduct an arc flash study on your electrical system to ensure that everything is functioning properly and, if not, to show you which areas need to be repaired, greatly reducing your risk of injury or damage.

SASPPL has been providing Arc Flash Analysis services to its clients across various verticals in India & South East Asia Region. We are known for sharing findings transparently & unbiased reporting. The Arc Flash Analysis services and solutions suggested by us are the most economical and have helped clients achieve predicted results.